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Contact information

Logistik Service GmbH
Lunzerstrasse 41
4031 Linz
Tel.: +43/732/6598-2000
Fax: +43/732/6980-2000
Legal form: Limited partnership

Company registry number: FN 207512s
Company Registry: Provincial Court of Linz
VAT ID number ATU 51250701

Bank details: Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG, BLZ 12000
Kto-Nr. 0992-56026/00,
IBAN: AT 88 1100 0099 2560 2600, BIC: BKAUATWW

voestalpine AG and the Austrian subsidiaries are members of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in accordance with the respective legal provisions. Membership in the bodies of the chamber of commerce is addressed under the link Companies A-Z on the official web site found at

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