Please contact the LogServ fleet management as soon as possible to discuss further steps.

  • Fill complete an accident report (see download) and send it to the LogServ fleet management as soon as possible.
  • Report burglary, theft, deer damage, collision with an unknown vehicle, etc., immediately to the nearest police. Submit a copy of the police report to the LogServ fleet management.
  • LogServ fleet management is solely responsible for granting permission for repairs of damage.

Glass damage

Please note that a damage claim must be submitted to the LogServ fleet management in the event of any damage to the windshield. Small cracks and stone chips in the windshield can usually be repaired without much effort. Complete replacement is not required. It is necessary to make such repairs as soon as possible so that cracks do not have time to lengthen. You will not have to pay an insurance deductible for windshield repair.

The windshield will have to be replaced if damage is excessive and repair not possible.