Railway feeder lines

Employee safety during railway operations
Shunting manager at loading point of feeder line (Module ABVL 01)
Shunting with various equipment (Module ABVE 02)
Road-rail vehicle operators on feeder lines (Module ABZKL)
Locomotive drivers up to 500 kW and 25 km/h (Module ABTFZF 01)
Locomotive drivers above 500 kW (Module ABTFZF 02)
Operations manager on feeder line (Module ABBL)
Safety posts (Module ABSIPO)
Safety audits on railways (Module SIBA)
Railway infrastructure technology Part 1 (Module ABINF 01)
Railway infrastructure technology Part 2 (Module ABINF 02)
Railway operations and employee safety (Module ABAN 02)


Rail transport company and railway management

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