Railway safety products

Our experts offer true alternatives to conventional technologies and develop individual special control systems: 

  • Railway intersection safety systems, light signage systems, barrier systems
  • Electrically operated railway switches
  • Networked electrical switches operated on-site (target rail key control system) 
  • Industrial switching system
  • Special controls for industrial systems

Special services

We offer just the right product and tailor-made solutions for every requirement in the field of railway safety systems: 

  • Hall and crane warning systems
  • Intelligent track lighting (LED, control systems etc.)
  • Electrical/mechanical locking systems 
  • (Filling stations)
  • Track lubrication systems
  • Track gates

Overhead contact lines

In the best of hands from classic overhead contact line planning to customer-oriented special applications with control functions and bus bars:

  • Section 40 (EisbEPV) specialist, electrical engineer for 50 and 16 2/3 Hz
  • Pivoting overhead contact lines
  • Overhead contact line control systems for maintenance halls
  • Planning
  • Acceptance
  • Inspections