Railway signaling technologies

We are signaling growth. Unique in Austria: Our specialists possess extensive railway expertise and offer our partners a full service package.


Our professionals carry out legally required inspections of the following systems for you:

  • Railway safety and signaling installations
  • Electrically operated railway switches
  • Barrier systems
  • Light signal systems
  • Gates and track gates
  • Inspection of switch drives

Signal workshop

Our qualified employees specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical and mechanical safety systems. We provide the following specialists for this purpose:

  • Signaling master
  • Signaling specialist
  • Works leader for safety systems
  • Signal fitter
  • Signal electrician

Engineering office

Our team in the engineering office will meet your individual safety system requirements:

  • Section 40 (EisbEPV) specialist, electrical engineer for 50 and 16 2/3 Hz
  • Section 40 (EisbEPV) specialist, safety system engineer
  • Strategy
  • Cost estimate
  • Acceptance
  • Programming
  • Software development
  • Consultation
  • LCC optimization