Railway construction

Our railway installation specialists meet the following requirements with their extensive expertise:

  • Installation and removal of track systems 
  • Remedy of defects
  • Reconditioning of switches
  • Tie replacement
  • Grinding of rails and switches

Special construction services

An individual solution to every challenge is our strength:

  • Special track installations
    • Edilon embedded rail system
    • Elevated tracks
    • Ballast mat tracks, including UF switches
    • Track support slabs
  • Deposition welding of rails and switch frogs
  • Rail welding
  • Tamping work
  • Tie remediation
  • Track closures


The following heavyweights provide support to our team:

  • Railway-roadway universal motor devices
  • Railway-roadway excavators
  • Movable hand cars
  • Drive-on railcars
  • Tipper railcars
  • Ballast railcars
  • Special attachments

Our specialists in the field of railway engineering

  • Railway and track masters
  • Safety posts and supervision
  • Certified track welders
  • KL drivers and KL guides
  • Switch fitters